Vitamix A3500

Vitamix A3500 ascent series Blender Reviews Compared to Other Versions The difference between the Vitamix blender A3500 For sale Best Price and other traditional blenders is its smart system. Traditional blenders blend the ingredients in the same way no matter the food you want to create. In contrast, Vitamix personal blender A3500 can work based on the type of food.

You only have to decide whether you want to blend the ingredients for hot soup, smoothies, dip and spreads, and frozen desserts. The setting determines the speed and how long the machine blends the ingredients. Check the reviews below to get the best Vitamix blender comparison before deciding the right one.

Vitamix A3500

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Vitamix A3500

Vitamix E320 Explorian VS Vitamix blender A3500

At a glance, Vitamix e320 blender vs a3500 looks the same, but they are not. Let’s say both of them are different in their height. Vitamix e320 is 18 inches, whereas Vitamix blenders a 3500 is 17 inches in height. The manufacturer also produces these two blenders with a feature to smooth based on the food to cook.

Let say, the E320 version has a button to make salsas, thick vegetable soups, and more. On the other hand, the A3500 version supports you to create smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, and frozen desserts.

The difference is that the A3500 version is a touchscreen, whereas the e320 is not. The A3500 even has a self-detect technology. It detects the container size you want to use and automatically adjusts the program settings.

That’s why Vitamix blenders A3500 is the best Vitamix smoothie blender compared to other versions since this blender knows what to do to produce a fresh and smooth smoothie. The good thing is that both of them are ready to crush and smooth the ingredients up to 64 oz capacity.

Due to its performance and features, most users listed Vitamix Blender A 3500 as the best Vitamix blender 2022 when they compare Vitamix e320 Explorian blender vs a3500 or A3500 version with other Vitamix blenders. The good thing about the Vitamix Explorian blender is the color. You can choose to use the black or red version.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 VS A3500

How about if you compare the Vitamix professional series 750 blender vs a3500? Both of them can hold up to 64 oz of smooth ingredients, but the professional series 750 version is for those who need a Vitamix small blender at home, although it is wider than the A3500 version.

This blender also has four pre-programmed settings to produce healthier and fresher smoothies, frozen dessert, soup, and puree recipes. The significant difference is in the technology both of the blenders use.

The Vitamix blender Amazon 3500 is using touchscreen technology that makes it much more straightforward than the 750 series. Despite this difference, the 750 version is still easy to use. Users only have to move the button up and down to activate the pulse and turn around the button in the middle to control the speed.

Indeed, you can still use these blenders for blending, grinding, emulsifying, and chopping with the most satisfying result. Plus, they are easy to clean due to the use of a self-cleaning system. The manufacturer keeps the hardened stainless-steel blades and the motor technology for most of their products. So, you may choose Vitamix A 3500 after comparing Vitamix 750 blender vs a3500 only because of the touchscreen feature and size.

The Reasons Why People Love to Use Vitamix Blender A3500

Based on the Vitamix blender reviews above, most users may prefer using the VitamixA3500 blender. The reasons below will explain why they love Vitamix Ascent series blender A3500.

Touchscreen Technology

The touchscreen technology in Vitamix blender A3500 keeps it straightforward to operate. The design is also much simpler without too many buttons on the machine. You only have to use your finger to set the blender, and this machine will work for you. Indeed, Vitamix hand blender is suitable for those who need to find an easy-to-use blender for a variety of purposes.

Self-Detect Technology

The self-detect technology is one of the coolest features A3500 offers to its users. Imagine that the motor base will automatically adjust the program settings and blend times based on the container size you use. The blender even can automatically stop when it reaches its blend time. As a result, you can prepare other meals while waiting for the Vitamix blender a3500 finish the task.

Help to Prepare Hot Soup without Stove

It is also revolutionary in the blender industry. Imagine that you can create fresh hot soup faster than before on the Vitamix blending bowls. Thanks to the blades and speed that create friction heat. This action smooths the ingredients while steaming hot them in only six minutes. The soup is ready once you open the blender cover.

Consistent Result

No matter how many times you create a hot soup, ice cream, smoothie, or anything, the result will be the same. You will always get a consistent result because of the automatic settings. It is a perfect feature for those who want to learn to cook.

They only have to set the blender just like what they want and wait for this product to finish its job. You can serve the meals or desserts right away. It helps a lot if you are busy, but you want to prepare the meals by yourself at home. That’s why some business owners, such as restaurants, smoothie stands, ice cream stands, or cafes also use Vitamix blender A3500 to serve menus with a consistent smoothness and flavor.

So, don’t get confused anymore about which blender you want to buy. VitamixA3500 is one of the recommended blenders for you. Vitamix quiet one blender will not disturb your baby or pets. You can keep focusing on cooking.

Check also the information about Vitamix blender refurbished before purchasing Vitamix blender A3500. Ensure that you get the original product to get all benefits. Then, surprise your beloved family and friends with delicious meals and drinks that you can serve faster than before.

They will be curious about the secret weapon you use in the kitchen to serve all menus on the table. Their reaction while seeing the meal and tasting the flavor will be a precious moment for Vitamix A3500 blender users